About Me!


Excellent administrators, unsurpassed at managing things – or people.

Hello, Readers. I am Jemmy from Indonesia. Thank you to view my profile. Allow me to describe myself. I am an Executive (ESTJ-T), whose mind is extraverted, energy is observant, nature is thinking, tactics is judging and identity is turbulent. Well,  that what 16personalities.com says about me. Many people also say that I am perfectionist and that make me often insist things go according to the right things from the start.

My passion is always to mentor and teach others. That’s why I am always eager to learn many things. I love to make friends, open new business relationships, meet new people and share to other about many things.

I have confidence to handle all Management tasks in all areas. I have a talent to direct, and coach people. I have a talent to organize things and manage tasks and resources. I have a talent to convince and influence people to agree with my ideas. I have a talent to unlock people’s potential to the optimal. I have a talent to develop and improve corporate systems. I am so independent and quick to adapt to the environment around me. I can be touched easily with things related to trust,  loyalty,  friendship, love and courage. I do respect somebody not for their position but for their manner and how he/she treats others.


My goal statements

  • I have a dream to achieve the highest position in my career,  and change many people.
  • I have a dream to reach financial freedom before my 55 years old.
  • I have a dream to raise and help local companies to expand their business.
  • I have a dream that many companies apply my thoughts, ideas, and creativity in their system.
  • I have a dream to unlock potential abilities within people to make them achieve highest achievement in their career so they can influence others and spread positive values.
  • I have a dream to see my team uses their intrinsic genius and leadership to deliver outstanding value-added projects.
  • I have a dream that many great people to come to my funeral to mourn and say positive things about me. They respect me and feel grateful for any positive impacts I give to their life.


My Achievements in career :

2004 Operation Manager

2010 Production Supervisor

2011 Assistant Manager

2013 Manager

2014 Factory Manager


What will I do in my retirement day? I want to have many laughs, many happiness,  many flexible times with my family, friends and people I love to share stories, and social activities. I want to enjoy fresh air , nature view, fresh vegetables, and fresh fishes. I want to see the beauty sunrise in the morning and beautiful sunset in afternoon in my medium-beautiful house with beauty garden surrounding and do not forget good neighborhoods.


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